Legal Information

When booking a chauffeured car we recommend to bear in mind the following legal aspects to ensure the orderly and safe conduct of the service. Even if you are not deciding for our offer but the quote of a competitor the information regarding licenses and insurances for commercial passenger transport listed below can be of interest to you.

Concession/ license:

Our cars are licensed as livery vehicles by the trade office of the Hanseatic City of Rostock, the authority in charge. They underlie the strict requirements for commercial passenger transport. The concession is granted if the professional qualification (through passing a test), the personal reliabilty (through records of government institutions) and the financial capabilityof the business owner is proven. The concession needs to be renewed after 5 years.

BOKraft und Personenbeförderungsgesetz (passenger transport act)

The act on the operation of transport companies in passenger transfer service (German: Verordnung über den Betrieb von Kraftfahrunternehmen im Personenverkehr, short: BOKraft) regulates the traffic with livery vehicles/ chauffeured cars. It defines the minimum standard regarding business operation, the treatment of passengers and technical standards as well as maintainance of the vehicles. Our vehicles comply with BOKraft. The obligatory annual examination by the TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection) provides proof for our compliance with the technical and legal standards as required by the supervisory authority of the City of Rostock. Furthermore our business needs to fulfil the requirements of the passenger transport act (German: Personenbeförderungsgesetz), which includes the license conditions for commercial passenger transport with cars.

Passenger carrying licence (PCV license)

Our drivers obtain the license for passenger transport with cars, referred to as PCV license. In addition to a regular drivers license, a medical examination by an approved physician and a proof of personal reliability through documents issued by federal institutions is necessary to obtain the PCV. This is done to ensure only qualified drivers work in the field of the sensitive passenger transport.


Vehicles with a license as livery car are required to have an extensive insurance. The regular liability and collision damage/ comprehensive insurance does not cover the special risks of commercial passenger transport service. Therefore there are specific insurances with substantially higher premiums who include the potentially higher claims of redemption after personal injury and the damage to property of our customers. Our vehicles and our company obtain the required special liability and comprehensive insurance coverage.